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Does the electrode pressure affect the production quality of the intermediate frequency spot welding machine?

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Update time : 2022-05-23 10:47:40
Electrode force is one of the key specification parameters for spot welding, seam welding and butt welding, which has a great impact on the quality of welded joints. It should be accurately detected during production. The electrode force detected when the welding current is not connected is different from the dynamic electrode force in the welding process. Since the pressure of the external air circuit will change during the welding process, the gas supply is not timely during the rapid spot welding, which will cause the electrode force to change. Therefore, the real electrode force should be determined according to the dynamic properties in the welding process, so the electrode force measurement methods are also different.

There are spring dynamometers and hydraulic dynamometers for detecting static electrode force. Spring dynamometers are designed according to Hooke's law that stress and strain are positively related to metal in the elastic limit range. There are bow dynamometers, standard dynamometers, etc.

There are 3 round holes on the spring steel plate, and the force measuring seat is placed in the hole to promote the different force measuring range of the hole position. The selection of the force measuring hole is based on the principle that the electrode force does not exceed the elastic limit of the spring plate The dial gauge of the head detects the displacement of the spring plate under the action of the electrode force, and its displacement is proportional to the electrode force. Corresponding relationship curve of electrode force.

This type of dynamometer has high precision, a large force measurement range, and is easy to use. The disadvantage is that the electrode force cannot be directly read, and it needs to be converted by a curve graph.