Resistance Spot Welding Machine

How does the automatic spot welding machine work

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Update time : 2022-05-10 14:17:59
The width of the welded mesh can reach 3 meters, the maximum length can reach 10 meters, and the welding diameter can be reached. The 8 mm and 12 mm heavy-duty (welding) mesh welding machines adopt synchronous control technology. The welding time and control are managed by the industrial computer control system and the control software based on Windows operating system and human-machine interface, and the operation is more intelligent and user-friendly.

According to the technical rules of welded steel mesh, the welded mesh should be CRB550 cold-rolled ribbed steel bar or CRB510 cold-drawn ordinary steel bar. A piece of welded mesh should be welded from the same steel. According to the shape and specifications, welded mesh can be divided into two types: stereotyped and stereotyped.

     The data surface is used in the pavement of municipal bridges and road bridges, the reconstruction of old bridges, and the crack prevention of bridge piers. After thousands of bridge engineering quality acceptance certificates at home and abroad, the welded mesh has significantly improved the quality of the surfacing layer, the pass rate of layer thickness is as high as 97%, the roughness of the bridge deck has increased, and the bridge deck has almost no cracks.

     The paving speed has been improved by more than 50%, and the cost of the bridge deck paving project has been reduced by about 10%. Welded mesh or pre-cooled ribbed mesh should be used for the reinforcement mesh of the deck pavement layer, which is not suitable for binding reinforcement mesh. The diameter and spacing of the steel mesh should be determined according to the construction method and load level of the bridge. The steel mesh spacing is 100mm~200mm, and the diameter is 61Lmm. The vertical and horizontal spacing of the steel mesh should be equal, and the thickness of the maintenance layer of the welded mesh spacing should not be less than 20mm.