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Instruction for medium frequency welding machine

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Update time : 2021-10-12 17:35:42

1. The direction of the electrode rod should be adjusted first when welding the intermediate frequency spot welding machine, so that the electrode is just pressed to the welding part, and the electrode arm is maintained parallel to each other.  

2. The selection of proportional series of current flow conditioning power switch can be according to the thickness and material of welding parts.  If spot welding machine is plugged in, the indicator light should be on, and the working pressure of the electrode can be adjusted to the working pressure nut of the spring, and its tightening level can be modified.  

3. After completing the adjustment, cooling circulating water can be first connected and then switching power supply can be connected to prepare welding.  Intermediate frequency spot welding machine welding process procedure flow: welding parts placed in the middle of the two electrodes, step on the pedal, and make the electrode and welding parts touch and charging, under constant pressure pedal, switch power circuit breaker power switch access, so the transformer began to work secondary coil control loop plug welding parts.  When the intermediate frequency spot welding machine welding after the inevitable moment to loose the pedal electrode rise, by the tension of the spring first seal control switch power supply then return to normal, spot welding process from now on.  

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