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Medium frequency spot welding machine

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Update time : 2021-10-12 17:32:44

At present, intermediate frequency spot welding machine has become the preferred model of resistance welding industry, seems to become a popular trend, become the consensus of people's selection!  Do you know how to choose the right mid frequency spot welding machine?  

First, the material and welding requirements of the parts are evaluated.  For intermediate frequency spot welding machine, suitable for welding a wide range of materials, but some materials do not need it to weld, such as 2.0mm below the ordinary cold rolled plate spot welding, AC spot welding machine can also, but the price is much cheaper.  With non-ferrous metal welding, ring projection welding, multi-point projection welding, galvanized sheet spot welding, choose the middle frequency spot welding machine is the most suitable!  

Evaluate welding current to select type and specification;  The welding current of the welding machine is an important process parameter, so it is better to confirm the actual welding effect and welding current through the manufacturer's proofing.  

Make sure you have enough energy left over.  Generally speaking, it is recommended that you choose the welding capacity of the welding machine, more than 30% of the actual requirements, the advantage of this is that the equipment in normal use, not full load operation, use is not easy to break down, prolong the service life;  Another advantage is that larger workpieces can be welded without having to purchase larger equipment.  On the appearance, the equipment purchased this time has large specifications and high cost, but in fact its use cost is very low.  

Determine the welding pressure, that is, determine the diameter of a cylinder.  Many people tend to ignore the diameter of the welding cylinder, and lead to the failure of selection, buy welding machine can not be used, because of ignoring the welding pressure.  The weld pressure is generally adjusted to about 0.4mp is the best state of use.  

Choose a reliable manufacturer brand.  Now the market is large and small spot welding machine manufacturers, sellers are a mix of brands, users need to do more research and audit, must find a reliable manufacturer!  Can let you save the selection time, reduce the selection risk, and ensure reliable after-sales service!  

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