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Medium frequency spot welding machine

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Update time : 2021-10-15 17:33:00

The adjustment cycle time of ac welding machine is long. For 50Hz power network, the welding time adjustment pixel is 20ms.  Inverter DC spot welding machine time adjustment pixel up to 0.25ms(4kHz inverter frequency), high linearity.  The response time of inverter welding machine feedback adjustment is significantly accelerated, and the output reliability is good.  Power frequency AC welding machine because of the harm of zero current crossing, low thermal efficiency, with silicon control to adjust the current, when the percentage of current is partial hours, zero crossing time is long, the harm is greater;  The output current of the inverter DC spot welding machine is pulsating beverage DC. Under the action of the reactor in the control loop, the output is continuous DC, with high thermal efficiency and stable welding hot keys.  

Ac welding machine and capacitor energy storage spot welding machine in terms of welding quality:  Capacitor energy storage capacitor spot welding machine will store the kinetic energy of the one-time released to welding control circuit, the output of kinetic energy adjustment by the kinetic energy of the manipulation of the capacitance of the battery, usually have to adjust the battery voltage and capacitance volume 2 ways, output power flow for surge current, time can not control to adjust according to the electronic device.  Inverter DC welding machine is a relatively stable DIRECT current, the current flow is adjusted according to the width of the inverter pulse, the time is adjusted according to the number of inverter cycle time, welding kinetic energy can be accurately controlled by the current and time.  

In terms of welding speed, the capacitor storage spot welding machine must effectively charge the capacitor battery throughout the process (otherwise the electricity will be easily damaged), reducing the manufacturing speed.  Inverter resistor spot welding machine without this whole process, high welding rate.  

In terms of the actual effect of environmental protection and energy saving, the transformer of capacitor energy storage spot welding machine works at a lower frequency. In order to avoid saturation state, the transformer core is larger and the consumption increases.  The capacitive battery charge control loop also increases wastage.  Inverter welding machine transformer works at a higher frequency (1-4 KHZ), the consumption is not large, dc output improved power factor, environmental protection and energy saving effect is significant.  

From the volume and net weight of the machine equipment: the transformer core of the capacitor energy storage spot welding machine is large, and the capacitor of the energy storage technology also occupies a very large indoor space, and the machine equipment is heavy.  The inverter resistance measuring spot welding machine has small transformer, no huge capacitor bank, and the machine equipment is relatively light.  

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