spot welding machine

Pedal spot welding machine application

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Update time : 2021-10-12 17:37:27
Spot welding machine in art, electronic components, instrument equipment, electrical switch, cable manufacturing, filtration device, muffler manufacturing positions have a general application category.  During the actual operation, the surface of the welding parts will be cleaned and neat, and after accurate installation, the welding parts will be sent to the middle of the upper and lower electrodes, and the pressure will be applied to make the contact excellent;  Power to make the two products workpiece contact surface heat, part of the melting, solder joint;  Turn off the power after the unremitting working pressure, so that the solder joint under the working pressure refrigeration solidification composition spot welding.  Machine equipment with welding voltage data information query function, easy to understand the welding voltage fluctuant situation.  
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