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Pneumatic butt welding machine - keeping pace with the times

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Update time : 2022-05-21 08:21:24
The effect of pneumatic spot welding machine:

The emergence of the pneumatic spot welding machine can be said to liberate our hands. By using the setting of the mechanical arm, we can independently carry out welding, cutting, thermal spraying, handling and other work. This is one of the more prominent advantages of the pneumatic spot welding machine. . The equipment improves production efficiency in production, realizes automation, and increases production efficiency. It can be applied to the automatic straight seam welding of various metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and copper.

The automatic walking mechanism adopted by the pneumatic spot welding machine has good welding seam formation and beautiful appearance. The welding torch is pneumatically positioned, the welding speed is infinitely adjustable, various movements are fast and accurate, and the working performance is stable and reliable. The system controller is mainly used for the linkage control of each component, the control of the welding program, the setting, adjustment and display of the main welding parameters. Control functions such as fault diagnosis and man-machine dialogue can be extended if necessary.

The moving mechanism of the welding head is composed of welding head, welding head support frame, suspension frame and so on. It is based on a precision welding head mechanism, and its drive system should use a servo motor equipped with an encoder. MIG, resistance welding, electron beam welding, laser welding, high frequency welding, gas welding and explosive welding are all commonly used welding techniques for equipment.

Attention should be paid to the setting of the welding power source of the pneumatic spot welding machine. Its output power and welding characteristics should be matched with the welding process method to be used, and an interface connected to the main controller should be installed. Suitable for mass production. A large number of manipulators or automated mechanical structures are used for

Automatic loading and unloading, including conveying, lifting, flipping, transferring and other actions, so as to realize fast production and automatic welding system without manual intervention.

With the development of the times, our mechanical equipment also needs to keep pace with the times and continuously realize new functions to ensure the utilization of equipment. As one of our main products, the pneumatic spot welding machine will lead the industry to a new development path.