Resistance Spot Welding Machine

Precautions for the electrode tip of the spot welding machine when welding

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Update time : 2022-06-15 09:18:44
The spot welding machine has the advantages of high efficiency, low consumption, mechanization and high level of automation. How to ensure the quality of spot welding joints is the key factor to improve the quality of the whole vehicle.

The quality standard of the solder joints is mainly the tensile shear strength of the solder joints. The occurrence of spot welding defects such as open welding, incomplete penetration, burn through, and deep indentation is due to the low tensile shear strength. The latter two types of defects It is highly and can usually be prevented; the first two types of defects are less and more harmful, so be sure to pay attention to them during welding.

During welding, the diameter of the electrode tip is increased too fast or too large, which is bad for production. If the increase is too fast, the auxiliary time for correcting the electrode head will be long, the labor efficiency of workers will be high, and the electrode material will be consumed. , or even no nugget, resulting in the phenomenon of open welding and non-penetration, and the welding strength is significantly reduced.

Therefore, the factors affecting the quality and production efficiency of spot welding are the electrode material, electrode shape, spot welding specification, water cooling circulation system, electrical system, workpiece surface quality and human operation. The main reasons are the electrode material and electrode shape. It comes down to one point, how to prevent and reduce the growth of the diameter of the electrode tip, so that the diameter of the electrode tip can be maintained well.