Butt Welding Machine

T-Butt Welding machine = Flash Butt Welding machine?

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Update time : 2022-06-14 09:01:02
T-type butt welding machine is a flash butt welding machine. It is used in the welding of pillars and steel bars in engineering buildings. The flash butt welding machine uses a momentary current to draw the arc to ignite the welding flux to cause the high temperature molten steel bars to overlap, and to weld the two building steel bars together according to the charging pressure.

1. T-type butt welding machine is a special equipment for welding non-ferrous metal wire, wire and rod. The equipment adopts intelligent control system, reliable quality, convenient actual operation, low repair rate, small size, strong maintenance effect, overcurrent, load, and overtemperature.

2. High precision welding. The programmable controller PLC and imported servo motor are used to control the whole process of flashing, and the burning amount and burning rate can be set accurately; the welding current is controlled according to the microcomputer welding resistance control board. After welding, the deviation of the management center distance of the film head can be controlled within ±0.2 mm, which is convenient for subsequent film assembly and welding.

3. Fully automatic centering. Make sure that the distance between the two sides of the pipe string and the two ends of the chip head is the same before welding, so as to ensure the same amount of burning on both sides.

4. High welding efficiency. Because the clamping of the product workpiece is a double pneumatic cylinder, its reaction rate is significantly faster than that of the hydraulic cylinder.

5. Practical operation and after-sales maintenance services are convenient. Because there is no hydraulic system, there are fewer adjustment demonstration points and common failure points of the product, and it is not easy to see oil leakage.