Resistance Spot Welding Machine

The reason why the products in the spot welding machine industry are mostly concentrated in the low-end

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Update time : 2022-06-18 13:34:29
Due to the particularity of the automatic spot welding machine industry, the enterprises and talents engaged in this industry have special requirements. There is a general shortage of technical personnel in spot welding machine manufacturing enterprises, and it is difficult to find talents. For this purpose, some powerful enterprises have invested a lot of money in attracting talents, training skilled workers, reserve force and technology to develop new products and technical reserves.

      1. Rising raw material prices and labor costs have affected the economic benefits of some enterprises: in recent years, due to the continuous and rapid development of the electrical industry and factors in the international market, the demand for raw materials has continued to increase, resulting in shortages of some raw materials; and the recent state, copper , The adjustment of the collection standard of mineral resource tax such as aluminum has made spot welding machines and other electrical products face increasing pressure from rising raw material prices and production costs.

      2. Resource consumption due to serious environmental problems. Due to the rapid development of China's economic construction in the past ten years, China has become the world's largest spot welding machine manufacturing country, but it still has a long way to go. Although the spot welding machine industry has a large output, most of them focus on low-end products, resource consumption and serious environmental problems.

      3. The enterprise management level has been polarized, but there is still a gap with the international level. improve. Some large enterprises, in terms of hardware facilities, are close to some well-known welding companies in the world in terms of business philosophy, but there is still a big gap in management level. Industry standards, quality management systems, and environmental requirements for equipment, so I don't know.

      4. Uniform development, small scale, and imperfect product chain: the homogenized development of the spot welding machine industry, the concentration of the product structure of the enterprise, and the market positioning lead to price competition, which damages the overall interests of the spot welding machine industry.