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What are the characteristics of intermediate frequency spot welding machine?

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Update time : 2021-10-13 17:21:29

1. Welding specification  

The spot welding speed of spot welding machine is 1ms, the current can reach the set value faster, and the analysis parameters are more and more accurate.  

2. Welding quality  

Due to the frequency of medium-frequency spot welding machine up to 1000 Hz, the secondary current output capacity is strong, the waveform is flat, and the range of stable nuclear dissolution is expanded.  There is almost no spatter, and the welding current increases naturally in the initial stage, and the welding spot surface quality is good.  

3. Adaptability  

Suitable for welding various materials, such as aluminum alloy, aluminum and other materials with fast heat conduction and poor weldability.  The welding quality of galvanized sheet and general multilayer board is much higher than that of power frequency welding machine.  

4. Transformer  

Small transformer size, low input power;  

5. Energy efficiency  

Three-phase load balancing, power factor as high as 0.9 or more, energy saving (according to the report of GENERAL Motors, intermediate frequency spot welding saves 4 cents per welding point compared with power frequency spot welding);  

6, the utilization rate of auxiliary materials has no obvious peak current and spatter, shortening the welding time and long electrode life;  Higher efficiency than AC, especially in some high-speed seam welding applications.  

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