Resistance Spot Welding Machine

What are the types of spot welding machines?

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Update time : 2022-05-13 08:13:38
Spot welding machine is a kind of mechanical equipment. It adopts the principle of double-sided double-point overcurrent welding. When working, two electrodes press the workpiece so that the two layers of metal form a certain contact resistance under the pressure of the two electrodes. When the electrode flows through the other electrode, an instant thermal fusion is formed at the two contact resistance points, and the welding current flows from the other electrode along the two workpieces to the electrode to form a loop, and the internal structure of the workpiece to be welded will not be damaged.

Spot welding machines can be divided into universal (universal, special-purpose) spot welding machines according to their uses;
According to the number of solder joints welded at the same time, it is divided into: single-point type, double-point type and multi-point type;
According to the conduction mode, it is divided into: unilateral, bilateral;
According to the transmission mode of the pressurizing mechanism, it is divided into: pedal type, motor-cam type, pneumatic type, hydraulic type, compound type (pneumatic-hydraulic combined type);
According to the characteristics of operation, it is divided into: non-automation, automation;
According to the installation method, it is divided into: fixed, mobile or portable (suspended) spot welding machine;
According to the moving direction of the movable electrode (usually the upper electrode) of the welding machine, it is divided into: vertical stroke (the electrode moves in a straight line) and arc stroke.