Resistance Spot Welding Machine

What is the main purpose of spot welding machine?

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Update time : 2022-05-24 13:45:00
Spot welding machines are mainly used in iron wire hardware, household appliance manufacturing, sheet metal processing and manufacturing, microelectronics and other fields. After mastering the advantages of frequency conversion spot welding machines, we should first master its daily maintenance, because one piece of equipment , Proper maintenance will not only prolong the service life and enhance the quality of solder joints, let's master the maintenance process of the frequency conversion spot welding machine together:

Do not touch the components on the control board with your hands, otherwise there is a possibility that the components may be damaged by static electricity. The potentiometers on the control board have been adjusted, please do not disturb them. The control box must be connected to the cooling water before it can be used, and it is necessary to ensure that the cooling water has sufficient flow and pressure. Check the working condition of the water cooling system on time (once a month). Check the wiring in the box on time (once a month) when the power is cut off.

Keep the equipment clean before and after application; keep the electrical parts dry; pay attention to observe the circulation of cooling water; check the contact and insulation of various parts of the circuit. Lubricating oil should be injected into the mechanical parts on time, and special grease should be added to the rotating conductive parts on time. The mechanical parts should be lubricated on time. The seam welding machine should also add special grease to the rotating conductive part on time. When the control box is used, the chassis shell should be grounded as firmly as possible. When the application is powered on, it is not allowed to open the casing of the control box, and it is not allowed to touch all parts of the box at will to prevent electric shock (there is a high voltage of 380V in the box). When checking the internal wiring and control board wiring, try to disconnect the power supply.