Seam Welding Machine

What machine tool is used for the seam welding machine?

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Update time : 2022-06-10 09:23:49
The steel cage roll welding machine of Guangdong roll welding machine is a kind of machine equipment used to manufacture and process steel cages. Because the steel cage has a high requirement for the spacing precision between the stirrups, the general processing technology is not suitable for it. . The appearance of the seam welding machine can not only further improve the work efficiency, but also its quality. Below I will tell you the advantages of the roll welding machine.

1. Faster processing speed: The processing efficiency of Guangdong seam welding machine is very high, and it will not take long for large product workpieces to be processed.

2. The stirrups do not need to be lapped when tightened. Compared with manual work, it saves about 1% of raw materials, which can greatly reduce the construction cost.

3. The main bars are evenly distributed on the circle, which is more convenient when several steel cages are overlapped, which can save the lifting time.

4. Mechanical automatic processing of steel cages, so as to have a stronger guarantee of quality.

5. The seam welding machine adopts the automatic work of CNC machine tools. The interval between the main bars and the coiled bars is uniform, and the diameter of the steel cage is the same, so as to ensure the quality and quantity to meet the requirements, making it more stable and reliable in processing.