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Company Profile
Company Profile
intelligent manufacturing changes the future.
to create a national brand of automation mechanical and electrical products.
Business Philosophy
market-oriented, customer-centric, staff and social interests.
integrity, quality, innovation, win-win.
Concept of Talent
make the best use of people, win-win cooperation.
Foshan Fuyin Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in researching, designing and manufacturing of welding and automatic equipment for many years. Our company adhering to the advanced welding and machinery expertise, aviation expertise, advanced production and management experience form domestic and foreign, specializing in the production and customization of various welding equipment and hardware production automatic equipment. Our main products are: medium frequency spot welding machine, capacitor discharge spot welding machine, power frequency AC spot welding machine, projection welding machine, butt welding machine, seam (rolling) welding machine, XY axis automatic spot (projection) welding machine, gantry automatic spot (projection) welding machine, automatic straight seam welding machine, automatic circular seam welding machine, automatic vertical turntable welding machine, automatic vertical gun rotate welding machine, welding robot workstation; and various automatic wire bending machine, frame forming machine, ring making machine, buckle making machine, chain making machine, wire straightening and cutting machine, etc. Our products are sale well throughout in our country and dozens of countries on five continents. We are looking forward to working with you to develop advanced production equipment and technology.
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