spot welding machine for radiating tube


Gasoperated Reloading Intermediate Frequency Dc Spot Welding Machine Price


Product Information
Product Information  



Rated Capacity

Duty Cycle

Electrode Stroke Brachium



90KVA 20% 60mm  450mm



308V   120KVA     20%   60mm   450mm  
DIT-160 380V 160KVA 20% 60mm 450mm
DIT-200 380V 200KVA 20% 60mm 450mm
  DIT-250 380V   250KVA     20%   60mm  450mm
 DIT-300 380V 300KVA 20% 60mm 450mm


Product strength



Our company makes use of advanced production equipment and testing equipment following the ISO9001 quality assurance system, which is in strict accordance with the requirements of production to ensure product quality and reliability. The production process to implement the "three inspection" (self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection) procedures to ensure control of product quality. The manufactured products require the "three pass" (raw material into the plant pass, semi-finished product pass, finished off the factory pass) to ensure reaching the required quality; finished product storage, transportation and sales in the market were also included in the product quality management.

High quality pneumatic resistance welding machine


Our service


Standard export wooden case packing or pack with customers' request.


Payment type: T/T(Confirm contract pay 30% deposit, pay the balance before delivery).


We can offer OEM or ODM service, according to customers requirements.


Warranty: One year warranty, the Seller shall supply the free replacement spare parts (but NOT including the mould, wearing parts and the items of wrong using), and the delivery cost will bear on the buyer’s account.

Main Product
Main Product  



Product type


Products mainly include: various of resistance spot projection welding machine, butt welding machine, seam welding machine, stud welding machine, automatic hydraulic ring bending machine, mechanical ring bending machine, buckle bending machine, automatic wire straightening and cutting machine, wire edge trimming machine, MIG welding machine, TIG welding machine etc; 


The products we manufacture are widely used in hardware, transportation tool, household appliance, electrician, telecommunication and battery industry etc. 

Company Overview
Company Overview  


Factory strength


Foshan City Fuyin Welding Equipment Co., Ltd (Foshan FUDA Hardware Electrical Appliance Factory) is a professional manufacturing and developing company in the field of Welding machine and Automation devices series products. Our factory act on the welding and mechanical specialty technology of Ha'erbin Industry University, and bring in advanced production and management experience from overseas, special manufacturing on various of welding equipment and industrial automation equipment production use. 




Product strength


In each stage of process from product development, production and sales we adhere to make the strict management, control and following National Standards, which is in strict accordance with the requirements of production to ensure product quality and reliability; Resistance spot projection welding machine has passed Certification for China Compulsory Product Certification. 


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